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The very last piece of artwork for Art Center College of Design. Thanks for all the love and support everyone!

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Vincent’s Typical Work Day

Hiya folks!

I’m working on graduation stuff so I’m swamped with school work. In the meantime, I thought it would be interesting to post what a typical work day is for me.

So lately this is how I’ve been living my life, hahah.

7:00am I wake up and immediately go out for a walk. It helps me shake off the sleeps and enjoy the morning.

7:30am I take a nice relaxing shower while listening to Eye of the Tiger. It gets me super pumped and I get to pretend I’m Sylvester Stallone.

8:00am  I brew up some coffee and make some breakfast. I’ve noticed that I can work longer and harder with a good plate of protien in my belly. Steak and eggs or an omelette is a must for a long work day.

9:00am I warm up. Sometimes I do thirty minutes of one minute gesture drawing then move into five minute head drawings for another thirty minutes. Other times I just bust out some film studies or fan art. If I need to, I also use this time to do extra research for whatever I’m drawing or painting for the day.

10:00am I work long and hard. My technique for keeping myself engaged for the rest of the day is to time myself. I either use my ipad timer or the timer or my screen recording software to keep track of how long I’m working. I always try to work for forty-five minutes straight while listening to Nujabes or John Williams soundtracks. Then I take a break for fifteen minutes. I either grab a snack, say hello to my guinea pigs, or bother my brother. I keep this cycle going until lunchtime.

A productivity technique I’ve learned comes from Feng Zhu where you work on multiple paintings or drawings at once. Say you have a class that demands you to have four key scenes painted within the next four weeks. Instead of working a painting a week and getting fatigue from staring at the same image day after day, stick all four paintings on one big canvas and juggle. This allows you to go from painting to painting with a fresh eye. Bored of one painting? Move onto the other.

1:00 LUNCH TIME!!!! This is where I eat things that are really really bad for me. Taco Bell, Mickey D’s, Hawaiian BBQ. Whatever man! It tastes good!

2:00 Back to work. From here on end it really depends on how much brain juice I have left the tank. I usually whip it out until 6pm, do a wind down sketch and call it a day. Other times I can work well into the evening. It really depends on stamina and deadline pressure.

6:00 This is typically when i either call it a day or begin to run out of brain juice. If I feel like I’ve got my week managed pretty well, I stop. If there’s plenty more to be done, I keep going well into the night.

Another productivity technique that comes from Feng haha. So If I’m doing a long drawing or painting that spans the entire day, I spend my morning shift doing the heavy design lifting. I try to do stuff like composing, thumbnail sketching, shape designing, color key experimentation early on because that’s the stuff that demands most of my focus. Soooooooo later on in the day, when I’m already beyond the halfway point of a painting/drawing, there’s only detail work to do. This is when I pop in X-files, Fringe, or some random anime while I work. Details, at least for me, take up a lot less brain juice than the heavy duty designing. That way, If i really need to work overtime or God forbid an all-nighter, at least it’s just a matter of dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s.

7:00 I chill like a villian. I either read, watch a movie, do some fan art, or play with my guinea pigs.

10:00 Time for BED!

So yea, that’s pretty much my routine!

- Vince

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kevindeaseyillustration asked: Hey Vincent! Absolutely love your work man. Theres so much life and expression in your technique and your color schemes are so.good. Keep it up!!

Thanks so much man! That really means a lot to me :D